Monday, May 19, 2008

ok let's try this again!

Finally getting a blog going again for The Next Step! ... the first one was at which shut down last fall, then I got it ported to which abruptly shut down in Jan08 before I could even make a backup, embarrassingly. This is the info blog for The Next Step, a monthly Palo Alto, CA-based local cable show. The show began in the 90's as Regular People with MetaBaba and Terry Lavios then transitioned to The Next Step with galen and Terry in 2002. The tag line is "The Next Step: Showcasing the art, music, literature, spirituality and politics of the evolving new consciousness"... galen's vision for the show was to have two sets simultaneously, a 'left brain' set with a panel discussion and a 'right brain' set with music and art. It was a worthy experiment but the shows were difficult to produce and very often marginalized the talk portion of the show. I took over the show in may 2005 and pretty much just stick with the format of a panel discussion on a theme.
The Next Step airs 5x/week and is webcast simultaneously when it airs. The airing schedule and webcast access can be found at